Cardiac ultrasound examination: take a look at your own heart

1. you lie on a comfortable couch and the room is darkened a little. The doctor puts a little gel on your chest area. The gel helps to get good images of your heart.

2. then they take a device that looks like a little wand, but it's actually a special transducer for ultrasound. This wand has a camera that takes pictures of your heart.

3 The doctor gently moves this rod around on your chest. You may feel a tingling sensation on your skin, but it will not hurt.

4 The transducer sends sound waves into your heart that you cannot hear. These sound waves then bounce back and are converted into images that are displayed on a screen. It's like the heart is sending a selfie to the doctor!

5. the doctor looks at the images and can see how your heart beats and what it looks like. This helps them to check whether your heart is healthy or whether there are any problems.

6. you can see your heart yourself on a computer and observe how your heart beats. During the examination, the doctor will explain to you exactly what he or she is doing and what can be seen on the monitor.

7. your parents sit close to you the whole time and hold your hand

8 The examination usually doesn't take very long, just a few minutes, and you can breathe calmly and relax during it.

That's it!

Now you could see how your heart beats in your body. It's really exciting and doesn't hurt, but helps the doctors to better understand your heart and make sure it's healthy.