Practice management - what is Andrea's task?

Andrea coordinates the necessary practice procedures and ensures that our small Kinderherz team functions properly. This enables us doctors to provide our patients with loving care every day and to focus exclusively on their health.

Coordinate teamwork: She is responsible for ensuring that everyone in the team works well together. This is challenging as a practice team is made up of different people (doctors, medical assistants, receptionists, partners, etc.). Everyone has a specific role and Andrea makes sure that we function as a Kinderherz team as a unit.

Manage finances: In addition to the above activities, Andrea also has to keep an eye on the finances, which means that she makes sure that the practice has enough money to function. Andrea takes care of paying the employees, buys necessary equipment and materials and makes sure that all bills are paid.

Quality assurance: It is important that our patients receive the best possible treatment. This means that Andrea must pay attention to the quality of medical care, obtain feedback from patients, respond to it and ensure that the practice complies with legal regulations.

Communication: Andrea communicates with many people, including patients, doctors, insurance companies and authorities. It is important to communicate clearly to avoid misunderstandings and ensure that all the necessary information is available.