Lying down and doing nothing - really difficult, such a resting ECG

1. you will be taken to a special room where it is quiet so that you can relax.

2. take off your T-shirt so that the doctor can see your upper body. You can keep a top or bra on.

3 In the winter months, there is a warm blanket for you on the lounger. Simply place the towel you have brought with you on top so that it is comfortable and warm for you.

4. for small children who weigh less than 10 kilos, we stick small stickers that look like stickers on the chest and on the upper arms and thighs. We can attach cables to these stickers.

5. if you are already bigger, we use colorful suction electrodes instead of the stickers, to which the cables are attached. These are small suction cups that easily attach to your skin. We spray a little electrode spray at every point where a suction cup is needed so that the suction cups don't fall off. The spray looks like water, smells a little like soap and feels fresh. Of course, we make sure that you don't get any water on your face and that only small areas are moistened. 

6 The wires are connected to a device called an ECG machine. This machine records the electrical signals that your heart sends.

7. now simply lie still on a comfortable couch. You should not move or speak now so that the recording is accurate.

8 While you are lying still, the ECG machine records the electrical signals from your heart on a computer. 

9 The examination usually only takes a few minutes, and it doesn't hurt at all. You can even listen to music or read a book while the ECG is being done.

10. once the recording is finished, we will remove the stickers or suction cups from your body and you can get dressed again.

11 The doctor will look at the ECG results to make sure that everything is OK with your heart.

That's it - enough of lying there quietly

The resting ECG is an important test to check the health of your heart, and it's really simple and painless.